Dresden | Germany

"(...) a colourful and joyful interpretation. Vigorous passages contrasting with other more sustained, played with impetus and youthfulness, caused us emotion. Drifty conflicts and melodies offered with such magic that leave us nothing else to wish, in short, a remarkable concert."

Barcelona | Spain

"The quality of the group became patent with a fresh and accurate interpretation and with the right balance between passion and elegance."

Buenos Aires | Argentina

"Splendid visitors from Europe! (...) we heard a very nice and accomplished Interpretation."

Santiago de Chile | Chile

"The ensemble distinguishes itself through the serious focus, the search for a balanced sonority and a fair-minded stylistic approach to the composers. (...) a high-quality interpretation."

Lisbon | Portugal

"(...) extraordinary the quality of these young musicians. (...) enviable maturity and artistic path"

Barcelona | Spain

"Real soloists, who get together to cultivate their true talent for chamber music. (...) Their speech highlights the effort of assigning to the sound the beauty and the colour of elegance, the elegance that can only be achieved when the art of a craft, in this case making music, is a result of a widely thorough and assimilated knowledge."

Augsburg | Germany

"Virtuosi from different European countries succeeded by attracting the audience with their spell from the very first moment (...) An impressive dynamic and a great musicality."

Kassel | Germany

"Chamber music at the highest level (...) A fascinating musical entertainment."

Aalen | Germany

"If the "bravo" yells can break the applause of a disciplined audience, that means the enthusiasm was particularly large. The noble chamber music blew their sound wires among the listeners. (...) A refined sound features all the works that the Ensemble Mediterrain ultimately makes of his own with brilliant interpretations."

The Ensemble

With more than 250 performances and c. 200 works interpreted, the Ensemble Mediterrain looks back proudly on its successful two decades of existence.

The Musicians

Get to know the musicians of Ensemble Mediterrain better! All short interviews from previous newsletters at a glance.


Here you will be able to find video and audio examples of concerts, as well as information about CD productions.