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Ensemble Mediterrain celebrates its 15th anniversary!

The Ensemble Mediterrain is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year with 15 concerts and numerous repertoire and occupational variations. Among the highlights of this exciting jubilee year are in April the interpretation of Schubert's Winterreise in the version for tenor and chamber orchestra by Hans Zender in Lisbon or Boccherini's Stabat Mater in Dresden.

In addition, the group presents the concert cycle Enrique Granados zu Gast bei... playing in musicians museums in Germany, honoring the 150th birthday (1867-1916) of the Spanish composer as well. The programs include masterpieces by Granados as well as by the respective "host": Schumann in Zwickau, Mendelssohn in Leipzig, Weber in Dresden and Richard Strauss in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. › Read more



Chamber music at its finest

At the beginning of the Jubilee Year, the Ensemble Mediterrain played piano quartets by Gustav Mahler, Joaquín Turina and Johannes Brahms (op. 60) on February 5 at Villa Teresa, Coswig. The audience responded with enthusiastic applause. Upcoming, the Ensemble Mediterrain is performing on March 26 and 29 in the Schloss Albrechtsberg, Dresden,with a similar instrumentation - oboe, string trio and piano - but with highly contrasting works by Dubois and Mozart. › Read more



Lisbon: A winter journey in spring

The Ensemble Mediterrain conducted by Bruno Borralhinho and with the soloist Lothar Odinius will be performing at the "Dias da Música" festival in Lisbon on April 29th. The program includes Schubert's Winterreise in the "composed interpretation" by Hans Zender for tenor and chamber orchestra. › Read more

"Some songs are very close to the text, some have efflorescences, intermittent acts, even alienating episodes, others develop in a completely different direction from Schubert, from interpretation to recomposition." Hans Zender


159 works performed until the present season!
What's next?

The recently compiled › repertoire list shows an amazing result of 159 works, 9 of them dedicated and commissioned, performed by the Ensemble Mediterrain since its foundation in 2002. From Baroque to Contemporary, from Duo to Chamber Orchestra. So, what comes next?



Dunja Robotti was born in Brussels by German-Italian parents and studied piano at the local Conservatoire Royal and the Universität der Künste in Berlin. Early on, she began to discover her passion for chamber music and Lied accompaniment and in the meantime has become an honorary professor for string accompaniment at the Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg.

Read here the fourth of many short interviews, in which you can meet members of the Ensemble Mediterrain in more a relaxed and informal way.
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EM: Chamber music: why and what for?
DR: For me, chamber music is essential for communicating with other musicians: listening to each other, reacting to one another and still being creative - wonderful.

EM: A few sentences about your collaboration with the Ensemble Mediterrain.
DR: The Ensemble Mediterrain is a great idea that works great! I have the pleasure of being a guest musician since a long time and am looking forward to every time. Also the venues are always very nice.

EM: What is your favourite chamber work?
DR: Hard to say ... actually I'm always thrilled by the work I'm playing at the present. I find Brahms's Piano Quartet in G minor particularly beautiful, actually every chamber music by Brahms. The sonata for two pianos and percussion by Bartòk is also particularly exciting and unusual, a fascinating work!

EM: Chamber musician, university professor and what else?
DR: "Berchtesgadenerin"! I have married in the Bavarian Alps and have learned to appreciate the mountains and their inhabitants. The nature is very direct there and it makes me fell good.

EM: Music and what else?
DR: Good food!

EM: What kind of music (CD, recording, etc.) would you necessarily want to take to a desert island?
DR: I can always listen to the Brandenburg Concertos by Bach, as well as to his Goldberg Variations played by Glenn Gould on the ... organ!

EM: And what about music scores?
DR: I always carry different scores with me; Mozart's Gran Partita was on the last island...

EM: In the big sports events ... Italy, Belgium or Germany?
DR: I am always first for Italy, but mainly to annoy my German friends...

EM: Tiramisu, Belgian chocolate or Apfelstrudel?
DR: Rather Spaghetti, Moules Frites and Drei im Weggla (Nuremberg's speciality), without order-preference!



Schloss Albrechtsberg, Dresden

Quintets by Dubois and Mozart


Lukaskirche, Dresden

Boccherini: Stabat Mater


Centro Cultural de Belém, Lissabon

Schubert/Zender: "Winterreise"
for Tenor and Chamber Orchestra


Rosetti-Festtage, Kaisersaal Kaisheim

Quintets by Schubert, Rosetti and Boccherini


Kulturfestspiele Schlösser und Gärten
der Mark, Schloss Feyenstein

Quintets by Schubert, Rosetti and Boccherini

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